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Running on Empty

by Karen Ball If you ever questioned the effects of stress on your day-to-day life, read on. If ignored, the chronic thoughts, situation and/or behavior patterns may lead to the following sequence of events, resulting in “running on empty”. (And … Continue reading

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The Tension of Opposites

When teaching Thai Foot Reflexology, I am often asked why we start sessions on the left foot with women and on the right with men. I usually just give the simple explanation that in the Thai model the left side represents the feminine and the right, the masculine.

Here’s a little more detail: Continue reading

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Is Thai Foot Reflexology Really Reflexology?

Awhile back I got into a conversation on a Facebook reflexology group page I follow. The exchange started with a woman’s struggle (her word) around the term Thai Reflexology. She wondered how someone practicing this age-old therapy could call it “reflexology” when the techniques were so different from what she knew.

Her comments sent me back to an earlier time in my reflexology career. Back in 1983, I learned what is now referred to in the United States and Canada as “conventional” reflexology, based on the theories and techniques developed by Eunice Ingham, known fondly as the “grandmother” of modern reflexology. For more than 10 years, I just assumed that reflexologists all over the world practiced reflexology as I was taught, happily thumb and finger-walking their way around an ancient map of foot and hand reflexes corresponding to other parts of the body. And then…
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You’ve Heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, But…

what about carpal tunnel of the foot?

Known as tarsal tunnel syndrome, this condition refers to neuropathy (nerve disorder) of the tibial nerve as it runs under the flexor retinaculum at the medial ankle.
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Sick and Tired of Headaches?

I feel fortunate – fortunate because I am not one of the 45 million Americans that experience chronic headaches.[i] For that matter, I barely make the club of nearly 90% of the population that experiences occasional headache pain.[ii]

So, let’s get this straight – a headache is not a disease. It is the loud and persistent and painful voice of a body living with chronic stress, toxic blood, physiological imbalances and/or trauma: ie. a body crying out for help. It turns out that there are many bodies crying out for help in the United States: People seeking treatment for headache pain account for 8 million consultations with physicians annually.[iii] Migraine headaches alone account for an estimated 157 million days lost from work.[iv]

Cephalgia (a headache) is defined as pain in the head and/or neck, and is classified as either episodic or chronic. Episodic headaches are triggered by a specific episode of stress; chronic headaches are frequent or even daily, associated with ongoing stress.

Headaches are categorized according to Continue reading

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Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis Once and For All

Six months of enduring foot pain, shoe inserts, night boots, expensive custom-fitted shoes, oral medications, daily exercises, steroid injections (3), cryo-therapy and surgery did little for the desperate and frustrated woman on the other end of my phone. I agreed to see this likeable woman, all the while uncertain as to what my approach to plantar fasciitis could accomplish so late in the game.

I was immediately impressed by this woman’s persistence, positive attitude and compliance with the “homework” she had been assigned to treat her stubborn case. After reviewing what she had been faithfully doing on her own, I set out to see what my hands would discover. Continue reading

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Hands Up!

People most often think of the feet when they think reflexology, but there are so many conditions of the hands themselves that can be helped with hand reflexology. And that’s in addition to the overall health benefits to the rest of the body. Here are just five:
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Reiki Energy Healing: An Adjunct Treatment for Chronic Illness

By Monica Grey MSW, LCSW, LMT Reiki Energy Healing is a form of hands-on energy healing which can be of great assistance for individuals who struggle with chronic illness.  Reiki is simple in its approach, easy to learn, gentle and … Continue reading

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